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The best tour for you is the one that you are most interested in. Below is a brief overview of each tour to find your best match. You can mix and match but to plan your trip selecting which tour helps up plan the best trip for you. Click on the black tour buttons for more details.

Year Round


Photo Safaris are for people that want to foucs their trip on getting photos and learning more about photgraphy. We generally visit locations close to the road so we can maximize the amount of time behind the camera so you can learn as much as possible. Also the best wildlife shots are along the roadways taking only short walks. 4 hour tours are best for beginners starting to learn their camera. For more experienced clients we can tailor a trip that focuses on advanced techniques, great landscape locations maybe hiking further into the park, or taking some great wildlife shots. Check out the seasonal Photo Options on the Photo Safari page.

Regarding time of day during the summer, mornings generally offer better landscape shots and some wildlife, while afternoon offers more wildlife, and some landscape shots depending on the weather.

Available May - October


Wildlife Safari - The goal is to see as much wildlife as possible, and to observe their behaviors. We drive through the park making many stops. With binoculars and a spotting scope we can often find wildlife that most other folks never see. Everyone tells us after a wildlife tour that they saw more animals and learned more about them then they would have ever if they just went through the park on their own.


Nature & Sightseeing Tours are designed to see the park and everything it has to offer. We'll drive the park roads making many stops at amazing overlooks, great mountain views, and see wildlife, but the point isn't to just watch wildlife. Nature Tours are directed by you and your interests. We'll spend plenty of time taking in the beauty the park has offer. We may take short walks to some great park features, we can discuss flowers, birds, ecology, local history, or a bit of everything. You let us know how to want to experience and learn about in Rocky Mountain National Park.


Hiking Tours are 4, 6, or 8 hour hikes to Rocky Mountain National Park's lakes, waterfalls, and mountain views. Generally for the physically fit, these trips take us to the back country of Rocky to see sights that most tourists never see. We drive to the trail heads generally early in the morning and have the trails mostly to ourselves. Along the way we'll see mountain streams, flowers, birds, a few small mammals, and if we are really lucky maybe an elk as well. But don't count on seeing much wildlife on a Hiking Tour. Best in the mornings.


Fall Special


Elk Rut Safaris (Only Sept through Mid-Oct.) finish a fall evening by watching the Elk Rut, which is the annual mating behaviors of the Rocky Mountain Elk. During the rut, bull elk bugle, chase and wrangle females, and if your lucky they might fight other bulls. We often see some amazing behaviors as young males fruitlessly try to impress the ladies, and watch the big males show their dominance. We park along the park's low meadows in the evening, and we'll talk about the behaviors we see, which can be very entertaining. We'll give you the play by play and you'll laugh when you see how elk life is just like high school. Depending on the length of a tour we can also look for other wildlife earlier in the day.

Winter Offerings Mid Oct - April


Winter Wildlife Safaris are generally 3.5 hour tours looking at the park's winter animal and bird life. Wildlife in the winter season is often much closer to the road, and until March the elk and deer still have their antlers. This is a driving tour with many stops. Generally we find elk, mule deer, coyotes, turkey, and if we are lucky Big Horn Sheep.

Winter Nature Safari Btn

Winter Nature Safaris are 3.5 hour tours to explore the nature of the park not just it's wildlife but all of the winter wonderland's forests, plants, history and more. This trip depends a lot on your interests, and we can customize a trip around what you would like to learn about and experience. We'll take easy walks as well as drive to a number of locations. Sightseeing is the not the main focus of this tour but some can be added if the weather allows.


Snowshoe Safaris are the winter (Late November - May) equivalent of the summer hiking tours. If you can walk you can snowshoe. Unlike hiking however when we head down from our destination we look for ways to have as much fun as possible. This can include off trail snowshoeing in deep snow, sliding down steep sections, and snowshoe skiing for very short distances. Or we can stay on the trail and play it safe. We never see large game while snowshoeing.

Summer Rates: May - October

Fees: 1 - 4 Guests     

4 Hour Tour $255 for 1 or 2 guests + $45 per additional guest*

6 Hour Tour $385 for 1 or 2 guests + $65 per additional guest*
(Best time frame if you want to find Moose and small mammals)

8 Hour Tour $510 for 1 or 2 guests + $85 per additional guest*
(Best if you want to look for wildlife and do some hiking)  

Winter Rates: October 17th - April

Fees: 1 - 4 Guests     

3.5 Hour Tour $150 for 1 or 2 guests + $35 per additional guest*

6 Hour Tour $260 for 1 or 2 guests + $45 per additional guest*
(Recommended only if your looking for additional species like snowshoe hares)

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